Monday, June 09, 2008

Downtown Elgin Pub Crawl and American Pie

Somebody famous is coming to Downtown Elgin.

I will give you a couple clues to guess who it is. If you aren’t under the age of 30, you may want to phone a friend, or your kids, on this one.

Okay, clue number one: He played “Kevin” in the American Pie films in the late 1990’s/early 2000’s. If you don’t know him as Kevin, you might know him as the kid who made out with Tara Reid in the film. Eeeww.

Clue number two: He played Henry Rowengartner, a pre-pubescent kid turned professional pitcher for the Chicago Cubs, in the film Rookie of the Year, released in 1993.

And clue number three: At the age of 12, I was convinced that he was the man I was going to marry. That doesn’t really help you, but I feel better now that I have confessed that to someone.

Give up? It’s Thomas Ian Nicholas. If you don’t know him by name, Google him. You would probably recognize his face.

Thomas will be hanging out in Downtown Elgin in August – not as an actor but as a musician. First, he and his band will be opening for Starship and Blues Traveler at Fox Fire Fest on August 2. Then, he will be hosting and playing the Downtown Elgin Pub Crawl on August 15.

Why would Thomas Ian Nicholas, the “Kid in King Arthur’s Court,” even know or care to come to Downtown Elgin anyway, you ask?

He and my husband are actually good friends, which is totally weird for me, for reasons I have already explained.

I actually haven’t met him in person yet. But when I do, I told my husband not to look at me because I will get really embarrassed, which will make me do my “nervous laugh,” which will almost definitely lead to a snort – and that would be utterly mortifying.

But you can meet Thomas up close and personal if you come to the Downtown Elgin Pub Crawl on August 15. He’ll kick off the event with a short outdoor concert in DuPage Court near Al’s Café and hang out with the “crawlers” as they make their way around Downtown Elgin, stopping at Gasthaus, Martini Room, Elgin Public House, Prairie Rock, Villa Verone and La Puesta del Sol. Thomas will close the night out with a full concert at Medusa’s (a.k.a. The Mission for you 30-somethings) where crawlers can win great raffle prizes, including a Harley Davidson XL 1200N Sportster. Sweet.

The Elgin Pub Crawl is organized by Geoffrey Sands from Medusa’s and the Elgin Jaycees and proceeds benefit Little Angels, the Elgin Police Torch Fund and Children’s Theatre of Elgin. Tickets are $20 and are on sale now at most Downtown Elgin businesses and festivals, including Prairie Rock’s Brewfest this weekend in Festival Park.

To learn more about the Pub Crawl visit To learn more about Thomas, visit

And for all you ladies with lingering Thomas Ian Nicholas crushes, before you come out to the Pub Crawl, visit to learn all about Thomas’ super hot Chicago DJ wife – DJ Colette.

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