Thursday, July 16, 2009

Waffle Fries and the (Almost) All-New Gasthaus

Funny, the things that inspire us.

I haven't blogged in a while, but today I just couldn't help myself. I was inspired by the strangest thing . . . waffle fries.

I ordered lunch to go at Gasthaus. YES! Gasthaus is open for lunch (and dinner for that matter). I ordered a BLT wrap from their surprisingly varied and "non-bar food" menu, and my good friend Ack asked me if I would like regular fries or waffle fries.

OMG...the only thing I love more than waffles is waffle fries.

I was reminded of the first time I ever had them - at Shoney's on Rte. 25 in Carpentersville. Anybody remember that place?

Anyways, the fries were great and the wrap was great, too.

You can check out the (almost) all-new Gasthaus and its almost all-new menu (there are still some German favorites on there) at the DNA's Out to Lunch on Monday, July 27 at Noon.

Our speakers are the Elgin Bicycling Ambassadors. Some of you may have seen them at Wing park concerts, the Harvest Market, or at other events promoting bicycling in Elgin.

The cost is $10.50, all inclusive, for lunch. To RSVP call 847.488.1456 or e-mail by Friday, July 24.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Peruvian Harvest Market

Downtown Elgin Harvest Market will be Peruvian themed with live entertainment and live alpacas to add some South American flavor to the market on Thursday, July 16. Located at the Civic Parking lot in Downtown Elgin (the corner of E. Highland and Douglas Ave.) the market is held every Thursday from 10am – 4pm until October 8. The following opportunities and activities will be offered at the Peruvian market:

Live Alpacas
An alpaca or two from Rivendell Alpaca farm here in Elgin will be on site for the public to meet and learn about, including what clothing items you can make out of their fleece.

Enjoy music throughout the day by Inkapirka, an Ecuadorian pan flute band from Wisconsin, and between noon and 2pm El Cenzontle, a dance troupe from Church of the Redeemer here in Downtown Elgin, a tribal drum group from Heather’s Studio for Drums and Percussion.

In the Activate Elgin Booth:
Listen and ask questions during “Robin’s Ramblings on Food and Health” with Robin Migalla, along with enjoying a cooking demo at noon with a grilled vegetable salad. Enjoy some samples!

In the Elgin Climate Change Organization booth:
Create sugar skull masks and/or paper marigolds with the Elgin Public Museum for Dia de Los Muertos – “Day of the Dead”.

In the Harvest Market Sponsor Booth: Rominski Active Health
Get feedback and questions answered with these chiropractic professionals.

Buy a Harvest Market T-shirt (Med – XXL) for $10 or a Tote Bag for $1 while supplies last.

Highlighted Vendor of the Week: Olives 4 You
Pierre welcomes you with a “Bonjour” and a debonair smile while methodically keeping his olive containers neat and in a straight row with more than 15 varieties of olives, and pita bread, hummus, tapenade, and bab ganosh on either side. Perfect for snacks, Mediterranean dinner, pita sandwiches to take to work and so gosh darn yummy, this should be a staple to get at the Harvest Market. For more information on their olive varieties go to

The Downtown Elgin Harvest Market is organized by the Downtown Neighborhood Association (DNA), and partners Activate Elgin, Elgin Community Network (ECN) and Elgin Climate Change Organization (ECCO). The Harvest Market’s main sponsor is Alexian Brothers Hospital Network and supporting sponsors are Chiro One Wellness Centers, Lifetime Health & Wellness Inc., and Rominski Active Healthcare. For more information about upcoming activities, vendors, etc. contact Jennifer by calling 847.488.1456, e-mailing or visiting

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 9, 2009 Harvest Market

July 9, 2009 Harvest Market
For a moment, I would like to focus on the short distance that most of these items travel to get to the market, and the impact it has on the environment. According to, the average food item travels over 1300 miles to get to your table. This puts a strain on an enormous amount of energy and resources across the United States, while also creating significant problems for the environment. Not to mention, the product must suffer in regards to freshness and quality due to the duration of the transportation. Vendors at the Downtown Elgin Harvest Market are aware of these facts and pride themselves in bringing fresh produce from a very short distance. When talking to Twin Garden Farms at the market today they mentioned that their location in Harvard, Illinois is less than 25 miles away. Because they are so close, they use a significantly smaller amount of fossil fuels when transporting their product which aids the environment, and deliver a more nutritious product than many commercial sources. Facts like these are why I choose to shop at the Downtown Elgin Harvest Market.

This week, my mother came along to the market today for the first time, and couldn't help but make some purchases of her own:
Windy City Farms
1/2 Pound of white asparagus, 1/2 Pound of green asparagus- 2 For $5.00
Copa Do Sol
French Malongo decaf coffee $15.00 For 8oz. can
Sweet Whimsy
One raspberry and one caramel walnut specially cake $4 ea.