Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gasthaus Band Line-Up for August

Friday 14th- Marc the intern's going to Berkley! Come say goodbye and hear him play guitar! Several guitar masters take the stage to showcase shredding techniques! Followed by local bands to round out the night!

Saturday 15th- It's country night! First Jerry Hudson will perform his tribute to Johnny Cash! Followed by a Gasthaus favorite- The Roadhouse Profits playing today's country hits! Line dancing guaranteed!

Friday August 21st- Backyard opens for Selective Recall- one of The Fox Valley's premier Classic Rock cover bands! Feel like dancing?

Saturday 22nd- Heavy rock covers performed by Rough Trade, and Stone Free!

Friday 28th- Jam night- come enjoy a night of jam bands- featuring Rhombus!

Saturday 29th- This is a night you do NOT want to miss-- KINGS OF THE NIGHTTIME WORLD- A KISS tribute band in full costume!! We want to Rock and Roll all night & party every day!!

The Gasthaus is now open for lunch- great specials- many $5 or less! Daily drink specials! We're new and improved!

Monday, August 10, 2009

An interesting fact to note about the Downtown Elgin HarvestMarket is the additional shopping that consumers do in the businessdistrict. According to one of my recent consumer dot surveys, 26% ofthe people noted that they would be spending $1-$10 while on this tripat a local establishment. When I questioned what types of purchaseswere going to be made, most said that they ate or were going to eat at alocal restaurant like Quiznos. Additionally, 22% of the people surveyedmarked that they would be spending between $10 and $30. Some of therespondents in this category said that they were going to places likeMad Maggie's and Red Bar Winery.

These facts illustrate that the HarvestMarket draws consumers to the downtown Elgin area for more than just vendors selling fresh produce and specialty items. Local businesses are thriving and their long-term sustainabilityis being reinforced by the patrons that frequent the market each and every week. The downtown area is expanding rapidly primarily because of the support given to local businesses, and showing that Elgin is capable of considerable economic growth. Shopping at the Harvest Market is the first step in showing that you care about Elgin!

Keep it up!

My purchases:

Gloria's Gourmet Meats-One pink rose $1
Twin Garden Farms-Half dozen Mirai Corn $4