Sunday, June 08, 2008

Amazin' Race 2008

The first Elgin Amazin' Race was a huge success. 19 teams and 100 people scrambled through downtown Elgin solving clues and performing feats of strength and knowledge. Five teams were turned away on Friday because of the 19 team limit. Sign up early next year.
The teams gather at the Elgin Public House waiting for their first clue.
We ran into Armand Young on our way to Festival Park. He has been walking for more than a year. He started the journey he calls, Bamboo the Walk, in Santa Monica, California, and plans to plant the bamboo shoot he carries with him at the former site of the World Trade Center in New York City. Click here for the Courier News article or here for the Life in Elgin post.
Here is the Kickstands Team fresh and ready to compete while waiting for the 1 pm start at Festival Park. Our first challenge was a water balloon toss where you had to successfully toss 10 balloons with a maximum of 30 tries. We were 10 for 10.
After a couple of other stops we found ourselves at The Centre and another challenge, the four-person ski run. This is teamwork.
The next challenge was at the Fountain Square condos. It was a welcome break to stay in air conditioned comfort while solving a Spiderman puzzle.
A couple more stops and we found ourselves at Al's Cafe. Dave volunteered to take one for the team and take the brain freeze challenge.

We finished around 4 pm and headed back to the Public House for dinner and refreshments. I was exhausted but had a great time, I think we traveled about 10 miles.

Link to photos from the Courier.
Article from the Courier News.
Article from the Daily Herald.


jessica said...

These are absolutely fabulous photos! Thank you so much for being on a team with us, and for the great photos and blog post!

Whenever I hear our exact placement I will share the info.

Greg Bruggeman said...

I want to thank all of the teams, participating businesses, and workers for participating in this years Amazin' Race. The feedback we received after the event was very positive. Amy, Brett, and I are in the process of finishing the race results and creating a post event evaluation to be sent out today or tomorrow. Again, thank you for your participation and hope to see you next year.