Thursday, September 03, 2009

Trivia Night in Downtown Elgin

So I went with a girlfriend last night to Trivia Night at Elgin Public House. And man, do I feel dumb.

Who knows what the three parts of a comet are? Anybody? Anybody? Bueller? Bueller?

The three parts are the nucleus, the tail and the coma. I feel like that was buried somewhere deep in my brain from elementary school. Same goes for many of the questions - the answers were in there somewhere, just couldn't dig 'em up. Of course, beer doesn't help.

Though it does help you come up with very funny answers when you don't know the real answer. Which for us was the majority of the time. And probably only the two of us thought they were funny. Whatev.

They say two heads are better than one. When it comes to Trivia Night, 10 heads are better than two. There were 5 large teams playing against eachother, all having a great time, and using their combined brain power to come up with the answers to some pretty difficult questions.

The music round was entertaining. And not just because emcee Brent Edwards was nerd dancing to the sound bytes. The theme was musicals. And the team who got every answer right was made up of young, athletically inclined guys. Kinda funny. Maybe you had to be there.

And you should be there! Check out Trivia Night at Elgin Public House on Wednesday nights starting promptly at 8 p.m. 219 E. Chicago Street in Downtown Elgin. or call (847) 468-8810.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

What Harvest Market Means to This Girl, This Month

Okay so it is apparent that I am from Maine when I get excited that Fall is coming after what you Midwesterners call a "mild" summer. But I can't help it. When you are born in the fall, have memories of straw, pumpkins, apples, plus the seasonal changes of entering a new grade, a different swing at work, it all accumulates to good times for this girl.

So having a Harvest Market here in Downtown Elgin during this season floods the memories and realities of a bit of the farm, nostalgia, and crisp, warm yummy items. For example I am so searching for gourds and apples tomorrow, along with possible gifts for friends born in September (maybe soaps and yummy brownies?). And since I don't have a bread maker or much patience in making bread I will load up on some bread purchases via Breadsmith. Plus I might grab a snack while I am in shopping mode from the Community Crisis Center (their last day at market!) and get that popcorn they are always popping up. Then Lucy Elliot, a great Downtown partner and Elgin Area Historical Society chica, will be displaying and playing with old fashioned games: no batteries included she says.

Now if all this fall talk has you disgusted, the market will not fail you in continuing on your summer kick. There is still ice cream and lemonade via Oberweis for sure tomorrow, plus many greens and veggies to make those nice grilled recipes the demo chefs have been displaying at the market each month, or a simple salad. Find that meat to grill over Labor Day, treats for the dog, and bring your knifes to get sharpened before guests arrive over the long weekend!

Whatever purpose the market fulfills for you I hope to see you the next couple Thursday's in Downtown Elgin. I'll be that girl with that big red apple in her hand and a tote bag full with gourds;)

Gasthaus September Bands

Madman Karaoke joins 2 for Tuesdays- every Tuesday great $2 specials on food and drink followed by karaoke! And 2 Nicole bartenders!!

Friday Sept. 4th- local punk bands The Turdles, Sleeping Under 47 & Dressed for Radio take the stage!
Saturday Sept. 5th- Human Garbage --local film crew unveils their own "Jackass" type movie premier with special guests Tongues & the Oil Can Boys performing
Sunday Sept. 6th-- Banner Pilot, Bust, Liarbirds, Arms aloft & Written off - Labor day punk fest!

Friday Sept. 11th- Laterdaze Band - awesome classic rock covers for the "grownups!"
Saturday Sept. 12th- enjoy the Downtown Elgin Car & AFV Show in the Civic parking lot. The Gasthaus is a proud sponsor and will be open for lunch that day offering a 10% discount to car show patrons all day and night! Immediately following the car show enjoy great Rockabilly music with The Boneyard Brawlers & The Blue Lincolns from 5 to 9 followed by Negative One - Classic Rock covers at 10:00! A weekend of music we grew up with!!

Friday Sept. 18th- The Return of BLACKENED- Chicago's premier Metallica cover band!!
Saturday Sept. 19th- Pooch Carver opens for Iron Horse Chicago- Motorhead tribute-

Friday Sept. 25th- The Lenny's - great oldies by a great Elgin band!!
Saturday Sept. 26th- Metal Fest- 5 metal bands perform beginning at 8:00 p.m.

Enjoy our $5 lunch specials Monday -Friday
September is ride your bike month-- The Gasthaus is offering a 10% discount when you show your bike helmet for lunch!