Saturday, August 02, 2008

"Elginpalooza" aka FoxFireFest

Mayor Ed Schock and council members Figueroa, Kaptain, Powers and Steffen opened up FoxFireFest and introduced the Elgin Symphony Orchestra (ESO). Maestro Hanson adapted to the urban environment of Festival Park by selecting western themed music and adding a harmonica which blended perfectly with the occasional whisles and rumbling of the nearby trains. The performance included the theme from the TV show The Wild Wild West and the William Tell Overture. I was heading back to my seat during the overture and had the urge to gallop, but resisted. 
Spotted in the crowd was former ESO Executive Director, Michael Pastreich and new U46 Superintendent, Dr. Jose Torres. OK, I'll stop now, I don't want to scoop Betty Brown.
It was a beautiful evening to share with friends and create a Ravina feel. Next year, candelabras. With 12 food vendors plus beer, wine and Mojitos a good time was had by all. Those arriving early were entertained by the talented performers of Elgin OPERA.
This photo can't do the post concert fireworks justice, but gives you the sense of how up close and personal they were. Head over to the Lovin Elgin blog for video and more commentary.

It's not too late to enjoy it yourself. Saturday features Starship and Blues Traveler with more fireworks and Sister Hazel will perform on Sunday. There is much more, just click here for the details FoxFireFest. Don't forget FoxFireFest is FREE!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

FoxFireFest - August 1 - 3, 2008

Watch the video here!

FoxFireFest, as the name implies, is an event focused around the glow of fire on the water, including a mystical night-time fire and light show on the river, accompanied by unique theatre, art, dance and musical performers.
August 1 - 3, 2008
More info here>
Friday 5 pm to 10 pm
Saturday 12 pm to 11 pm
Sunday 12 pm to 9 pm

Festival Park

136 South Grove Ave
Downtown Elgin

Free parking
or ride your bike and use the free bike corral.  


6:00 pm Elgin O.P.E.R.A.
7:30 pm Elgin Symphony Orchestra (ESO)
9:30 pm Fireworks

12 - 4 pm Childrens Activities
4 - 8 pm Teen Activities
6:00 pm Starship
8:00 pm Blues Traveler
10:30 pm Fireworks

12 - 4 pm Childrens Activities
3:30 pm Elevation
5:30 pm Sister Hazel

AAUW Art Showcase
Saturday 12 - 6 pm
Sunday 12 - 5 pm

Elgin Cycling Classic

Sunday, 8 am - 5 pm in the Lords Park neighborhood

Food Vendors

Chinese Wok, (840 Summit Street, Elgin) -Combo Fried Rice, Egg Roll, Beef Teriyaki and Crab Rangoon
Dairy Queen, (1022 S. McLean Blvd, Elgin) - Blizzards, Ice Cream Bars, Lemon Chill Cups, Chocolate Bananas
Maui Wowi, (2310 Fairfax Rd., Elgin)- Fresh Fruit Smoothies, Hawaiian Coffee Smoothie
Jethro's, (9911 N. Clark, Richmond, IL)- Funnel Cakes, Curly Chips w/Cheese, Deep Fried Oreos & Twinkies
White Cottage Pizza, (220 S. Randall Rd., Elgin, IL)- Sausage Pizza, Cheese Pizza, Bread Sticks w/ Garlic Cheese
Casa Lara (previously Jalapeno's), ( 7 Clock Tower Plaza, Elgin)- Tacos, Quesadillas, Flautas
JJ's Chicken & Fish, (79 Clock Tower Plaza, Elgin)-Chicken Wings, Ribs, Pulled Pork Sandwich
Gasthaus Zur Linde, (15 N Grove, Elgin)- Bratwurst, Thuringer, Corn on the Cob
Big Sammy's Hot Dogs, ( 2490 Bushwood Drive, Elgin)- Hot Dogs, Bag of Chips
Elgin Public House (219 E. Chicago St., Elgin)- Hamburger/Cheesburger, Veggie Burger, Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Lucky's Bar and Grill, (335 N. McLean Blvd., S. Elgin)-Nachos Grande, Italian Beef Sandwich, Italian Sausage Sandwich
Victors Grill, (6235 N. Keystone, Chicago) -Shish-k-bob, Gyros, Polish Sausage
Sloppy Joe's, (210 Penny Ave, Unit D, Dundee, IL)- Sloppy Joe's, Chocolate Chip Cookies
JC's Barbecue, (116 Penny Ave., East Dundee, IL) - BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich, ½ Smoked BBQ Chicken, Pupusas

FoxFireFest incorporates the best elements of the previous Fine Arts Fest, but has expanded to showcase the wide variety of cultural amenities and performing arts groups centered in the Elgin area, with two stages offering non-stop entertainment. The food and beverage area will also feature an eclectic mix for all ages, including a beer garden.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Elgin Community Network (ECN) Unveils Website

The Elgin Community Network (ECN) has a website at
The site was created by Sensory Productions, a local firm.