Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thursday July 16, 2009 harvest market recap

The Peruvian market was filled with interesting sights and sounds that made the atmosphere on this particular day one of a kind. My favorite part had to have been Inkapirka, an Ecuadorian pan flute band from Wisconsin. Nothing compares to renditions of my favorite Elton John and Beatles tunes while volunteering at the market!

Today my two main tasks were conducting my second consumer survey and filming a YouTube video that is going to profile the atmosphere of the Harvest Market. My consumer survey had over 75 responses, and is telling me some important information about why people come and what they come for. This week I learned about spending patterns in the surrounding business district and in the Harvest Market, how frequently consumers purchase organic foods, and why people tell others to shop at the Harvest Market. In the middle of recruiting consumers to take my survey, I helped direct Tony from Hudson Productions with the video shoot. We captured some great footage of the live alpacas, the tribal drum group from Heather's Studio for Drums and Percussion, and El Cenzontle dance troupe. Also in the mix were a few customer testimonials and interviews with our vendors Sweet Whimsy and Twin Garden Farms. Be sure to check the video out, you can find the link through Facebook when complete!

Unfortunately this week I was strapped for cash, so my purchases were minimal:
PawPrint Barkery
One Pig Ear $2
Gloria's Gourmet Meats
One package Beef jerky $5