Monday, March 26, 2012

Downtown Madness ElgiN.I.T. Online Pep Rally

While we take a little break from Downtown Madness before the Championship Round of voting begins, we are inviting back our other 14 Downtown Madness participants to compete for your votes in a fun and fancy-free "best-of-the-rest" online pep rally dubbed the Elgin National Invitational Tournament or the ElgiN.I.T. (can you tell we just can't get enough March Madness references?)

You are invited to cast your vote for your favorite Elgin bar or eatery in the ElgiN.I.T. and if your spot is not listed you can "write-in" your Elgin fave. Voting in the ElgiN.I.T. closes Thursday, March 30 at 10AM. The winning ElgiN.I.T. eatery will receive a waived entry fee ($100 value) into this year's City of Elgin's 4th of July Parade which tips off on Wednesday, July 4 at 9AM.

In addition to the ElgiN.I.T. voting, we encourage you to post Yelp! reviews of your winning dining experiences at our Downtown Madness eateries or share photos of you at your favorite Madness establishment or with one of your favorite signature dishes. You can upload them to our Photobucket page on the ElgiN.I.T. form.

It's your team's second chance to JOIN THE MADNESS! Show your team spirit for all of your favorite eateries because our Elgin teams have great taste!


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