Thursday, July 16, 2009

Waffle Fries and the (Almost) All-New Gasthaus

Funny, the things that inspire us.

I haven't blogged in a while, but today I just couldn't help myself. I was inspired by the strangest thing . . . waffle fries.

I ordered lunch to go at Gasthaus. YES! Gasthaus is open for lunch (and dinner for that matter). I ordered a BLT wrap from their surprisingly varied and "non-bar food" menu, and my good friend Ack asked me if I would like regular fries or waffle fries.

OMG...the only thing I love more than waffles is waffle fries.

I was reminded of the first time I ever had them - at Shoney's on Rte. 25 in Carpentersville. Anybody remember that place?

Anyways, the fries were great and the wrap was great, too.

You can check out the (almost) all-new Gasthaus and its almost all-new menu (there are still some German favorites on there) at the DNA's Out to Lunch on Monday, July 27 at Noon.

Our speakers are the Elgin Bicycling Ambassadors. Some of you may have seen them at Wing park concerts, the Harvest Market, or at other events promoting bicycling in Elgin.

The cost is $10.50, all inclusive, for lunch. To RSVP call 847.488.1456 or e-mail by Friday, July 24.

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