Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 9, 2009 Harvest Market

July 9, 2009 Harvest Market
For a moment, I would like to focus on the short distance that most of these items travel to get to the market, and the impact it has on the environment. According to sparkpeople.com, the average food item travels over 1300 miles to get to your table. This puts a strain on an enormous amount of energy and resources across the United States, while also creating significant problems for the environment. Not to mention, the product must suffer in regards to freshness and quality due to the duration of the transportation. Vendors at the Downtown Elgin Harvest Market are aware of these facts and pride themselves in bringing fresh produce from a very short distance. When talking to Twin Garden Farms at the market today they mentioned that their location in Harvard, Illinois is less than 25 miles away. Because they are so close, they use a significantly smaller amount of fossil fuels when transporting their product which aids the environment, and deliver a more nutritious product than many commercial sources. Facts like these are why I choose to shop at the Downtown Elgin Harvest Market.

This week, my mother came along to the market today for the first time, and couldn't help but make some purchases of her own:
Windy City Farms
1/2 Pound of white asparagus, 1/2 Pound of green asparagus- 2 For $5.00
Copa Do Sol
French Malongo decaf coffee $15.00 For 8oz. can
Sweet Whimsy
One raspberry and one caramel walnut specially cake $4 ea.

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