Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Parade in the works

The 4th of July Parade is coming along nicely. I never realized how many people want to be in a parade before. Once all the paper work is done the real challenge then becomes getting people in order on the day of the parade. I can only imagine the (organized?) chaos that will ensue on that day. People really seem to care about this event which is good. The amount of people in this event makes me appreciate the amount of logistics that are involved in this. The amount of people really makes this amazing.


There was a reporter who came in yesterday asking what was going on in the downtown area. We gave her a few ideas and talked about what's happening in the downtown area. She was a change of pace from a few people I've seen walk in here so far. A few eccentrics have walked in here talking about the town. Well, to be fair they're really more passionate than anything else. They have an investment, having lived here for so long, they can't just stand by and let things happen. This is where our organization becomes the unoffical "suggestion box."

It's usually someone older, who still wants to be active in some way. If I keep working here long enough I could probably learn enough history from them to fill up another blog. The next time the reporter is in here I should probably just send her to one of the people who come in here. It will either be a great article or the Courier News will bill me for wasting a reporters time.

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