Friday, June 26, 2009

June 18, 2009 Market Summary

When talking to consumers at today's market, more people are focusing on the healthy choices they can make by purchasing foods from local farmers markets. These purchases are not only beneficial for consumers, but have a positive impact on the environment and promote sustainability of local businesses. In the past, I have not always shopped at farmers markets however working at the Downtown Elgin Harvest market has changed my outlook when I purchase foods for my household.
This week after work I made some great buys from some of our vendors at the market. Twin Garden Farms was my first stop where I purchased boldly colored yellow and red peppers, along with fresh corn that had just been placed in bags a few days before. As I made my way down the line, I found myself at PawPrint Bakery to buy ostrich jerky for my neighbor’s 150 pound Newfoundland. Debbie the owner advised me that I could cut the large strip in half if it is too much for the dog however, that was not the case as Gracie devoured it in a matter of a few bites! I finished my round of purchases at Olives 4 You where I couldn't help but think of my mother's fond desire for Mediterranean olives. These locally produced products were all affordably priced, and supporting local businesses made me feel good about my decision to buy at a farmers market.

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