Saturday, October 28, 2006

Is This in our Future?

The following article struck a chord with me:

Hollywood Florida rejects $100,000 in incentives for Starbucks
By Richard Layman

There have been discussions regarding what will happen to our local home grown businesses as the new residential developments start to fill up and the retail spaces are occupied. Will the desire of some for national brand name retail overshadow the existing businesses that have survived the years of economic decline and the current impact of construction disrupting their operations. It has been suggested that funding be made available to existing businesses to help offset the negative impact during the extensive construction. The progress is certainly welcome and the end result is sure to be worth the sacrifice but don't forget those who paved the way.

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The Elginite said...

You can say that again, Steve.

Isn't it funny how most communities are fighting to keep big chains like Starbucks and CVS out of their towns and neighborhoods, and in Elgin we're offering every manner of incentive to bring them in, as though they CAUSE economic development. These stores show up AFTER the market has already been nourished and cultivated by local entrepreneurs. By the time they want to be someplace, that place no longer needs or wants them; it's already risen up by its own bootstraps and assumed its own unique identity.

Is it so great to have another store that exists in every other city and strip mall in America? Why can't we encourage places like Al's or El Faro's, places that actually represent Elgin, something unique that belongs to us and us only. Isn't that the kind of place that people want to live in?

But what's on the wishlist of our city leaders? Applebees? TGI Fridays? Is that what people want? High-sodium chain food, chain ambience, corporate ownership?