Saturday, December 03, 2005

America Unchained Day - Belated

OK, I didn't post this in time for the official day but the concept can be applied year-round.

From the Northfield Downtown Development Corporation:

On the last Saturday before Thanksgiving, the American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA) wants retailers and consumers across the country to join in the second annual celebration of America Unchained. On November 19, consumers in communities around the country will be asked to shop only at locally owned businesses to maximize the impact of their dollars and potentially inject millions more into their local economy.

Sometimes seemingly small acts can make a big impact. Take family spending. You may think you're just fulfilling your family's wants or needs when you shop or dine out. Think again. The choice of where you spend your money makes a big difference to your community. Spending your money with locally-owned independent businesses puts your money to work directly helping your community's economy?just one way your community benefits from its home town businesses. Those businesses use goods and services of other locally-owned independent businesses--circulating your money three to three-and-a-half times longer locally than if you spend it at a chain*. This creates greater community health and prosperity.

Read the entire article here.

Another article here from Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space.

Just two weeks ago, a neighbor mentioned he rather spend his money at locally owned businesses. He just needed to be better informed on what they have to offer and where they are. I think we can help him out.

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The Elginite said...

There was a great article in the New York Times maybe a couple of weeks ago--I'll see if I can dig it up--about how downtowns are being revived by merchants who do a substantial portion of their business online. There's less of an issue then about the ability of the local market to keep a store in place.