Monday, April 02, 2012

Downtown Madness Score Central Evening Update - April 2

The Road to the Downtown Madness Championship ends here and only you and your team of voting friends, family, colleagues and co-workers can determine the winner.

Before we put Downtown Madness to bed for good for 2012, let's give you one LAST update before the final buzzer sounds tonight at Midnight. The voting pace is really heating up between these two Elgin rivals and the ebb and flow continues yet again...

Here are the Downtown Madness voting results thru Monday, April 2 at 9:00PM:

Elgin Public House Turkey Avocado BLT leads Danny's Pizza Sausage and Pepperoni Pizza by 33.

There's just nothing like Downtown Madness! Lace up those shoes! Get out on the floor! There's still time for one last big dance and you've got destiny on your side! Pull for your favorite team and CHOOSE THE CHAMPION NOW!

Final Round voting concludes TONIGHT at 11:59PM!

Voting totals and e-mail addresses will be officially tabulated, audited and verified on Tuesday. The winner of Downtown Madness will then be announced Wednesday, April 4 in our Downtown Neighborhood News Top 10 eblast. If you do not currently receive the DNN, visit to subscribe today!

Last chance to pick up your Elgin "Eat 16" punch card at any participating Downtown Madness venue. Visit all 16 establishments and receive punches for trying each "signature dish" in the bracket. Collect all 16 punches to claim your Downtown Madness t-shirt and a chance to score even bigger prizes - including gift certificates and other great prizes! To qualify, return your completed punch card ticket to DNA, 2 Douglas Avenue, Elgin, IL 60120 by no later than April 4.

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