Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This Week at the Downtown Elgin Harvest Market - June 30

FOR KIDS & ADULTS! Special Market Activity: Noon–2PM - Free, juicy Southern Illinois Peaches + Fun & Loud Pit Game - Picnic at the Market!

Alexian Brothers Health System Booth – health information and screenings

Davey Tree Booth – educational information about trees and our environment

City of Elgin Booth – From the Recreation department there will be information for the public on what community recreation is available in the City of Elgin this summer.

Simple Balance Holistic Center – will have information on hand of wellness programs and packages offered, as well as upcoming workshops and events.

Landin Chiropractic – performing free spinal screenings, with state of the art equipment, using infrared cameras to measure the temperature of the nerve roots on the spine.

DNA Booth - market merchandise, Find the Gnome clue and more.

ECCO/ECN’s Sustainable Booth: Elgin Community Garden Network - Learn what to do in your garden in July & August! We’ll focus on keeping your plants healthy in the summer heat.

Community Booth: Community Crisis Center - will be providing information regarding their services

NEW! Educational Signage - new educational signs will start popping up around the market helping customers and the public alike learn terms like grass-fed and locally grown, how to compost and practice it at the market, learn why Downtown’s are sustainable, and see a map of where our vendors and their products came from!

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