Saturday, March 26, 2011

Downtown Madness Score Central Update - March 26

Welcome back to Downtown Madness Score Central. We're starting the second half of the Third Round of Downtown Madness and things are getting exciting! Let's update you now on the scoring in both of these pivotal match-ups in Round 3 (as of 3PM CDT on Saturday, March 26):

Elgin Public House's Pulled Pork leads
Al's Cafe & Creamery's Burns Malt by 13

Bangkok House & Shanghai Restaurant's Pa-Naeng leads
Villa Verone's Asparagi by 85

It's put-up or shut-up time! If you have not already voted for your favorites in Round 3, VOTE NOW!

If you have already voted (remember, one vote per person, per computer), forward the voting link onto your friends and family to encourage them to get out and rock the vote for your teams!

Third Round voting continues thru Monday, March 28 at Noon. We will announce the winners of the Third Round of play as well as unveil the updated brackets for the Championship Game round on Wednesday, March 30. Voting for the final round of Downtown Madness tips off March 30 thru April 4.

Stay tuned to Downtown Madness Score Central on the DNA Blog throughout the weekend for the latest updates!

Now back to the action...

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