Thursday, November 11, 2010

Challenging Prognosis for Downtown Retailer Patricia Keeney

Patricia Keeney, owner of Keeney’s Sporting Goods in downtown Elgin, has been seriously ill for the past few months and has been hospitalized since October 26.

Downtown Neighborhood Association of Elgin (DNA) volunteers have been running Keeney’s store in her absence for the past three weeks, and the organization has been collecting personal contributions since Friday. Everyone has been awaiting test results to determine precisely what is ailing Keeney.

According to Keeney’s doctors today, the test results indicate that she has multiple myeloma, a type of plasma cell cancer. The doctors have started her on chemotherapy treatment and have not yet determined what future courses of treatment may be needed. It is uncertain how long she will be in the hospital, as she is suffering from other ailments such as kidney failure, that are likely related to the myeloma.

DNA will continue to staff her store with volunteers to keep her business open. DNA is also collecting contributions to help cover her medical bills and other expenses incurred from her hospitalization and any additional care and treatment that will be needed going forward.

DNA is also planning a fundraising event that will showcase and sell Keeney’s eclectic wares, from vintage dresses to letterman jackets and everything in between. The event is tentatively scheduled for mid-December at a downtown location yet to be determined.

Personal contributions may be made to the “Patricia Keeney Fund” and mailed to the DNA, 2 Douglas Avenue, Elgin, IL 60120. Contributions are not tax-deductible. For more information, please contact Tonya Hudson, DNA Executive Director, at (847) 488-1456 or

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