Saturday, May 17, 2008

Trains and Butterflies

Appearing soon at Festival Park. This is the train that will take children for rides around the park. The photo was taken at the Elgin Public Works Open House on Saturday, May 17th. A ride will cost $1 although it might be free during some special events.

The trackless Wattman Mini Express Train is 3 feet wide by 33 feet long. The train holds up to 24 passengers.

The kids are right in the middle of the action as Mayor Schock sets the butterflies free into their new paradise at the corner of Ann and Douglas. The new butterfly garden is the result of the collaboration between the City of Elgin and the NorthEast Neighborhood Association (NENA).

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elginite said...

that train would be really cool for a larger park like lord's park or wing park. if adults fit on that thing i'd love to go for a ride up the fox river bike trail :)