Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Lincoln Spotted at Keeney's Sporting Goods

A few weeks ago I gave you the first clue for our “Lookin’ for Lincoln” promotion – where each month a lifesize cut-out of Abe Lincoln will hang out in a downtown location for a week and offer a special promotion. The clue was:

When this downtown business was established, Grover Cleveland was president. The business started as a drug store but when the current owner’s great-great-grandfather took over in 1946 it became a sporting goods store. If Lincoln were alive today he could get his U-46 gym suit and varsity letterman’s jacket at this store.

Did you find Abe? He was at Keeney’s Sporting Goods at 19 Douglas Ave. He donned an Elgin Maroons cap and scarf during his stay with owner Patricia Keeney. Look for the next Lookin’ for Lincoln clue on March 8.

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