Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Banner Years in Downtown

Are you a downtown business that is celebrating a banner year? We want to know about it! Banner years are anniversary years that end in either "0" or "5" and also include the 1-year anniversary.

The Downtown Neighborhood Association is celebrating our 10th Anniversary! A few of our neighbors celebrating banner years are:

Keeney's Sporting Goods - 125 years
Elgin Area Chamber of Commerce - 100 years
Elgin Public House - 1 year

Add more to the list by posting a comment.


William said...
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Jennifer Benson said...

Kim's Black Belt Academy is 40 years this year!

Jennifer Benson said...

After listening to our great speaker at today's Out to Lunch I did some history checking on when ECC's Fountain Square campus opened up in Downtown. They opened in January 1983. This year is their 25th anniversary!!

Jennifer Benson said...

David A. Noyes is celebrating their 100th!!

Anonymous said...

Village Profile is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2008. We are promoting it by sending out various press releases throughout the year, including a timeline we sent in January. Future releases will be interviews with long-time customers, with new customers and with long-time employees. We also developed a new logo we'll be using this year in all of our publications, and completely redesigned our website: www.villageprofile.com

The Elginite said...

Wow, I had no idea Keeney's was 125 years old. That's amazing!

Congratulations to everyone celebrating anniversaries.

Jennifer Benson said...

Another banner year organization in Downtwon is Church of the Redeemer - 150 Years!