Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Elgin Commercial

Remember when the Elgin Area Enhancement Committee was looking for people to take part in a commercial for Elgin?

Well here it is Elgin Commercial.

Or see it on YouTube

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frankwolftown said...

This Commercial is okay at best what they shoul do is make one showing a unch of kids playing at the new park downtown. That is what the commercial should be.

Karen said...

I first time I saw this on TV it made me feel really proud to live here! I moved here about six years ago when my husband got transfered. I love the area and all the amazing things that have been built here like the Center and the library. And while the new Festival Park is really beautiful and my three kids love the fountain area, I think that would make an excessively boring and sappy commercial. That's the kind of junk another community would come up with. I think Elgin did a great job with this! There must be some really creative people working at city hall to make something like this. The commercial is really very well done and makes a really strong point about everybody getting along together without prejudice. It reminds me of those billboards with all of the different people on them that were up a few years ago. I only wish I had heard about it before, I would have loved to have been a part of it. Bravo, Elgin!!!