Thursday, December 21, 2006

Traffic Signal Has A New Sequence

Beginning Friday, Dec 22nd, the traffic signals at the intersection of Highland and Douglas Avenues will display a new signal sequence that will include a left-turn green arrow along with the normal green pass signal on northbound Douglas Ave..

“We’re just letting drivers know that there is a change in how to they should proceed through the intersection,” said John Loete, Director of Public Works. “Drivers on southbound Douglas Ave. should be aware that their green signal will be delayed for a short time to allow the northbound traffic onto westbound Highland Avenue the needed time to make that turn. “

New traffic signal equipment is being installed throughout the City’s Central Business District (CBD) as part of a $3.1 million CBD Traffic Signal Replacement Project. Currently, new signal equipment is operational at seven intersections with additional new equipment at six intersections waiting for Commonwealth Edison to connect power to the new equipment.

For more information, contact Steve Pertzborn, Senior Engineer, at (847) 931-3160.

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