Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Elgin's local artists get home of their own

From the Chicago Tribune on November 28, 2006

A nomadic existence isn't uncommon for theater groups, but Sean Hargadon will happily relinquish the role when Elgin opens a city-subsidized theater space next year.

The Elgin resident founded Janus Theatre Company eight years ago, and his troupe has done shows in Chicago and around the suburbs.

"I think this is overdue; there has been a real need for this type of venue in Elgin," Hargadon said. "We had to do a lot of work in Chicago because there wasn't any space in Elgin."

Renovation of the eighth floor at 164 Division St. for the "black box" theater, whose spaces are typically unadorned, is expected to be complete in time for a January opening. The eight-story Gothic-style office building opened in 1928 and is registered as a local historic site. The city will pay about $115,000 over three years to owner 164 Division LLC, a Chicago investment group.

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