Friday, October 20, 2006

Elgin Community Network (ECN) Podcasts

The ECN Community Builder online show is a wonderful vehicle for Elgin. It is fulfilling ECN's vision of service to the community. The ECN has limited funds, and therefore the promotion of this show lies very much in the hands of volunteers and supporters. You can listen to or download programs at:

The September edition includes Norma Miess, Executive Director of the Downtown Neighborhood Association. She discusses how the DNA focuses on cohesively bringing together the business community for a stronger downtown.

When you go to the website you will see a pod button next to the title of the show. Click the pod button and it will bring up your media player and play the program. Click the right mouse button to download the program so you can listen whenever and wherever you please. For information on the show or to help please contact Gary Joy at 847-628-9717.

The Elgin Community Network is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to:
- Supporting communication, education and collaboration between Elgin neighborhoods, city council and staff.
- Encouraging residents to be involved in their neighborhood and community.

The Community Builder covers useful topics, shares information and builds on our community's success.

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