Thursday, May 04, 2006

This Weekend during Preservation Month, May 4 - May 6

Thursday, May 4
Mayor's Awards for Preservation
The Elgin Heritage Commission honors outstanding contributors to Elgin's heritage. Honorees have demonstrated their dedication to older architecture, neighborhoods and history.
Sponsored by the Elgin Heritage Commission.
Call Sarosh Saher at (847) 931-5943.
Location: Heritage Ballroom, The Centre of Elgin.
Time: 6:00pm to 9:00pm. (Ceremony at 7:00pm.)

Saturday, May 6
The Great Unveiling
Celebrate the 9th Annual Great Unveiling as neighborhood organizations sponsor the removal of substitute siding in an old fashioned barn raising atmosphere at two Elgin residences. Free volunteer labor and a monetary gift is provided to property owners that have applied to have the nonoriginal artificial siding removed from their historic homes. It's a busy day for all volunteers!
Sponsored by the Northeast Neighborhood Association (NENA) and Admirers of Beautiful Old Dwellings of Elgin (ABODE).
Contact Jeff Gill at (847) 468-1926 or Brian Anderson at (847) 741-1177.
Location: 856 North Spring St.
Time: 9:00am - noon. (lunch will be served)

Firefighters Memorial Service
Listed on the National Register of Historical Places, Elgin Fire Barn No.5 is the appropriate site for a memorial service and dedication ceremony to honor firefighters who died in the line of duty this past year and retirees from Elgin and nearby communities.
Sponsored by the Elgin Fire Department and Elgin Fire Barn No. 5.
Contact Timothy Ryan at (847) 931-6175.
Location: Elgin Fire Barn No. 5 at 533 St. Charles Street.
Time: 11:00am.

Walk it, See it, Feel it
An educational walking tour of West Elgin that will use history, stories, and hands-on experience to enhance participants knowledge of Elgin's development as a city. Learn about the influences that shaped development of West Elgin, the Kimball Family, pre-Civil War architecture, cobblestone buildings, the topography of the area, and the social changes that continue to influence this part of the city.
Sponsored by the Elgin Area Historic Society
Contact Mary Hill at (847) 695-9659 or
Location: 52 N. Crystal Street. Park on neighborhood streets.
Time: 1:00pm.

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