Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Goodyear Building Demolition

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Demolition of the Goodyear Training Center at 211 Douglas started yesterday. See previous post for a list of buildings on the demo schedule.

The city has plans to redevelop the entire block.
From the Courier News.

Also on the council's agenda is spending $20,000 to tear down the city-owned former Goodyear building directly north of the Elgin Law Enforcement Facility.
The building occupies one corner of a downtown block that is largely taken up by the Grater Inc. cheese factory but which the city would like to see redeveloped. Officials probably are not interested in seeing the Goodyear site redeveloped on its own, being more interested in a large-scale project that would include the majority of the block bound by Spring and Kimball streets, Douglas Avenue and Symphony Way, according to Deering."I think we would like to see a bigger plan, a bigger approach, maybe the whole block," he said.

What are your thoughts?

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The Elginite said...

Glad that they're planning on removing the factory and doing the whole block. The downtown is no place for factories.