Friday, August 12, 2005

An Artist's Studio

A downtown street became an artist's studio on Friday afternoon. Local artist, Timothy King, used the backdrop of a Chicago St. streetscape for his next work of art. You can see his work here or here.


The Elginite said...

I like his work, but I'm not sure about his selection of subjects, which seem prosaic.

Steve Munson said...

Prosaic. I had to look that one up.

Define Prosaic from Google:
matter-of-fact: not fanciful or imaginative

Timothy King said...

Dear elginite,
Thank you for your comment and I’m glad you initially like my work. As you may know many of the greatest paintings are of prosaic subjects. Painters have preferred such subjects because of the honesty seen in them. I prefer the poetic relation between vision and nature over the reliance on fanciful subjects.

Timothy King's Portfolio Guestbook
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Elaine Ruiz
I find your art work to be very beguiling and tenderly expressive. You captured my interest and my heart in the strokes of your brush on canvas. I love your work.
Brad Michael Moore
Long live the landscape, pristine, or developed with sensibility and conscious effort of mind. Hats off to all who cherish it and all those love and effort to preserve it... Tim, A nice beginning to your portfolio. Interesting point of view, strong presence and use of color. Looking forward to seeing your additional works coming online...
Joan Kamaru
Tim, it is 2005, you must have new work for us, yes?? Elaines comments mirror my thoughts. Please show us more of your work!!