Monday, July 18, 2005

New Mural in the Hemmens Courtyard

View from Civic Center Plaza

From the Daily Herald.
"Under the direction of David Powers, students Maria Sierra, Natalie Doolittle and Christen Leitza painted a 32- by 10-foot mural along the Hemmens’ lower courtyard."

"The city’s cultural arts commission, along with local businesses, paid for the $13,000 project titled “Fei Fei’s Dream.” Powers derived the inspiration for the mural from a Chinese playwright who asked him to put her in the mural."

“It was my imagining of how a girl now teaching English in the provinces of China would imagine a parade in Elgin.”
Read the article.

I'll get a shot without the shadow soon. Maybe The Elginite will have a better pic.
UPDATE: The Elginite came through with the shot.
Read The Elginite post on the mural.

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