Monday, May 16, 2005

Crystal Street Beautification Project

I spotted members of the Near West Neighbors working on the railroad bank at Crystal and Chicago. They have transformed a once overgrown and neglected area into a view to enjoy. This has been a key project in the neighborhood for many years. In 1999, I worked removing debris and clearing brush with ROPE officer Rob Hartman. It was a Leadership Academy community service project. There is more to come for this site as the group has plans for other improvements. It's amazing what a difference a small group of dedicated individuals can make in a neighborhood.


Thurston said...

Yeah, it's amazing what people can do when they stick together. Any idea what's going to happen to the marquee of the Crocker now that it's going to be demolished?

We can't save the building, but we can at least save the marvelous signage.

freebird said...

It looks great down there and it's like "The little engine that could"... just a few can eventually make change happen if they don't give up.

About the bugmenot's comment on the Crocker Marquee it should be donated to the Elgin Historical Society, unless the city has other plans for it....It hopefully will not be destroyed nor should it leave they city limits.

Somebodi said...

I concur. We need to work on this pronto before the Crocker sign is irretrievably lost.

Steve Munson said...

The Crocker terra cotta facade will be saved. The marquee isn't included in the project. DNA is starting a group to preserve the marquee. If you are interested in helping please call DNA at (847)488-1456. We need to act this week.